Rupert Bryant-Greene

Rupert Bryant-Greene

Development & Operations

I am a dedicated computer engineer and developer with experience in systems engineering, web development, software development, sales and telecommunications.

I work well in teams of all sizes. I have been successful in leadership, autonomous positions, and working to targets and KPIs. I have a born passion for systems and am constantly expanding my skillset. I enjoy creative projects utilizing new ideas, yet I prioritize availability and support when it's business as usual.

I have in-depth knowledge of a range of technologies, including:

I am proficient in the following programming languages:

Projects of Note

Windows Server 2012 Migration

The end of support for Windows Server 2003 in July 2015 meant we needed to migrate our older Windows Server VMs to 2012. This included domain controllers and file servers for home drives and group shares. I implemented the migration in a way that maintained high availability. Snapshots were completed leading up to the migration so that only a small amount of changed data had to be copied during the outage, meaning we were back online within the hour. The process included analysis of file permissions to ensure a complete copy was made.

Resource Booking System

Apollo Resource Booking System

Built to replace an ageing PHP-based calendar system housing tens of thousands of appointments across twenty resources. The system consists of a web app, provided by a node.js server-side application, which pulls data from a CALDAV server. The application makes use of HTML5 WebSocket, allowing for realtime information on room availability.

I leveraged the charting library d3.js to provide business managers with visualisation of room usage information which is drawn directly from the CALDAV server's booking information.

The browser front-end is written to be as clear and user-friendly as possible. I spent significant time with key stakeholders to achieve dynamic booking forms that guide the user, while collecting as much information as needed by the resource support teams.

Software Deployment

When I began my employment at the University of Otago, all updates on OS X clients were being deployed manually. This is very time consuming as it meant having to log into each of up to a hundred machines to apply software updates. I implemented an automated update deployment system that downloads, packages and tags the update for testing. It then takes one click to move the update to production, and have the client machines install the patch automatically.

Additionally, the system allows end users the ability to install pre-approved optional applications on demand, reducing help-desk calls for common software installs. The system as a whole receives praise for it's reliability and usability.

Machine Deployment


To improve efficiency and reduce human error when deploying machines I implemented a heavily automated build process. Leveraging slipstreaming and MDM configuration profiles I was able to strip up to 3 hours from the process of getting a machine out of the box and on to the end user's desk.

To complement this I documented a quality control procedure and implemented a data collection process which halved the amount of paperwork required, whilst still capturing the same amount of information.

Jerry the Support Bot


Jerry is a semi-conversational chatbot built to assist with queries to the system engineering team. He now lives in our work chatroom and tells jokes, inspires the team with motivational quotes and spams us with cat pictures. He is also programmed to tell us information on room bookings, software versions in deployment, machine group info, network speed and server uptime.

Jerry is written on node.js and connects to Slack, XMPP, as well as chatting through a retro web interface.

Rupert is an excellent and competent professional to deal with. It is easy to see the energy and drive behind his passion for systems and computers. He offers great service, prompt contact and invaluable knowledge and support. I would recommend him to anyone wanting quality assistance. - Lapo Ancillotti - Project Manager, Designer, R&D Coordinator

I had the good fortune to work with Rupert. He always demonstrated genuine thought leadership and a talent for managing teams and relationships. He also has a profound understanding of business development, business issues and the bridge with technology to develop business solutions. - Israel Reyes - Founder & Managing Director: Solity Software Ltd.

Rupert is an excellent worker and an awesome 2IC - I report directly to him on saturdays. He is very knowledgeable and efficient with his work and a great person to work with. - James O'Neill - Fashion, Beauty and Commercial Photographer

Rupert was a very knowledgeable Guru who was always helping to improve the Yoobee business and drive sales. His ability at building rapport and helping customers with their software and hardware needs was fantastic and he was always willing to step outside of his job description and help the team whenever needed. His attitude and drive to succeed made him effortless to manage and a great asset to the team. - Alicia Rameka - Customer Service Representative at Trade Me

In my spare time I enjoy playing music, learning new skills, conquering the world in Civilization and building epic forts to fend off zombie hordes in 7 Days to Die.

I play drums in bands and make music for 48 Hour Film Festival entries. I enjoy using Ableton Live or Logic Pro X for electronic production. I am currently writing an album on piano.

I also spend a lot of time learning and writing code, mostly for practice however occasionally something will come of it. One day c++ will make sense to me..